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 Dream Bag....review

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PostSubject: Dream Bag....review   Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:37 pm

ITEM: Dream Bag.
FROM: Practical Magic
PRICE: £55


The performer produces a Paper Bag and shows it to be completely empty. After a Magic Pass, he dips his empty hand into the bag and pulls out a glass effect box full of flowers.! This can be repeated two more times producing three different coloured boxes in all.


This is so beautifull and very visual. When you produce the bag, it can be flat packed, which makes the appearance of the glass boxes seem even more impossible. Showing the bag empty can withstand very close scrutiny...it is definitely empty, (NOT). When the first box is produced you can hear the gasps. The box is the same width as the bag which makes it seem even more impossible, and when you repeat this a further two times....well!! You can show the bag empty between each production.

It is very showy and makes a nice display on your table. I just Love it!! I have put together a routine coupling it with my Misers D'lite and do it all to music. It makes a great closer.

I give it 11 out of 10...........

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Dream Bag....review
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