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 Three reviews in one...Oliver Meech downloads

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PostSubject: Three reviews in one...Oliver Meech downloads   Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:49 pm

The following are 3 separate downloads from Oliver Meech,author of “The Plot Thickens” reviewed earlier. They are made up from material Oliver put together whilst writing the book, and were sort of “leftover”. He thought by realising themthis way, they would not go to waste.

Description: Instant downloads in PDF format.
Titles: “5 for Coffee”, “5 for Kids” and “5 for Stage”
Cost: £5 per.download.
Author: Oliver Meech
Available from: www.olivermeech.co.uk
Difficulty: A basic knowledge ofMagic is all that is required.

Book One: “5 for Coffee”
Shaken and Stirred
Linking Coffee Rings
The Cup Cavity
Toffee and Cea
Tea Brag.

“Shaken and Stirred”….The Plot.

The spectator chooses an ESP Symbol and the matching symbol is marked out in chocolate powder on the frothy head of his coffee.

“Linking Coffee Rings”….The Plot.

To ring stains left by coffee mugs become linked.

“The Cup Cavity”….The Plot.

A Sugar sachet is torn and restored.

“Toffee and Cea”…..ThePlot.

Cup of Tea and a cup of Coffee change places.

“Tea Brag”…..The Plot.

The Magician trys to find the selection in the time it takes to boil the kettle. He seems to fail, but then the selection is found stapled to the teabag string.

Book Two: “5 for Kids”
Mmmm laces
Well, blow me
Lego gogo.

“Fronkey”….The Plot.

A trick which seems to go wrong is saved by a strange prediction.


The performer sneezes intoa hankerchief, and the snot resembles the chosen card.

“Mmmm laces”….The Plot.

The Magician eats the middle of a Strawberry shoelace, then restores it.

“Well, blow me”…..ThePlot.

The Magician attempts to guess a thought of animal in 30 seconds. A kid is asked to blow a party blower when the time is up. The Magician strives hard but fails. However, when the party blower unfurls, the animal is drawn on it.

“Lego Go Go”…..The Plot.

Lego pieces are shaken into a model.

Book Three: “5 for Stage”
Spectator Blindfold Drive
Ted Vadar
Trust no one
Say what you see
Crash Bang Whallop, what a pretty picture.

“Spectator Blindfold Drive”….The Plot.

The spectator is blindfolded and drives a remote controlled car around a stage scattered with cards. The card they park on is your predicted card.

“Ted Vadar”…..The Plot.

A spectator picks a movie character and chooses Darth Vadar. Your prediction is shown to be a ….”Care Bear”. However, when the bears paw is pressed, Darth Vadars’s voice comes from within.

“Trust no one”…..The Plot.

The Magician discovers he is not the only one who is dishonest.

“Say what you see”…..The Plot.

The Magician takes three guesses at a chosen photo. He appears to have failed, then it turns out that “Jammy Dodger” was right after all.

“Crash, Bang, Whallop, what a pretty picture”…..The Plot.

The Magician attempts the “Tablecloth stunt”, adding a deck of cards into the mix. He will attempt to find the selection by removing the cloth and their card, leaving everything else intact. He fails spectacularly!! Objects crash everywhere and the tablecloth rips. However, the Magician turns tradgedy into triumph, when he shows that the tears in the cloth form the spectators selection.

My Comments:

As you can see, Oliver has an off the wall approach to magic. I think some of the effects are a bit far fetched, but overall a brilliant bit of work. I have worked quite a few of the effects with excellent results. “Fronkey” from “5 for Kids” being my absolute favourite, and “Spectator Blindfold Drive” from “5 for Stage” being a very close second. There is definitely something here for everyone. In my opinion, for £15 for all three downloads,you can’t go wrong, even if you only found one effect that appealed to you.

I apologise for the brevity of the review, time is of the element, but I am sure it has given you a taste. Will answer any questions on any particular effect.

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Mark Powell

Mark Powell

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PostSubject: Re: Three reviews in one...Oliver Meech downloads   Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:17 am

Thanks for that, Chris. I'll give this a go - as you say, £15 for all that is a bargain. Smile
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Three reviews in one...Oliver Meech downloads
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